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Concrete Repair Solutions for Construction Sites in Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

No matter whether local or throughout the Central and Northern Alberta Region, Osco’s professionals are ready to help your residential or commercial construction site with new construction or redevelopment.

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From Restoration to Installation: Edmonton’s All-In-One Concrete Solution

Osco Mudjacking & Construction delivers top-tier structural solutions to Edmonton construction sites. With decades of comprehensive experience in the construction field, our company is a proficient provider of an extensive range of services, including Pressure Grouting for various needs such as pipe abandonments, annular space between old and new pipes, and between pipes and host soil.

Being COR Certified, we not only guarantee exceptional service quality but also steadfast adherence to the stringent safety standards essential for construction workplaces.


Construction Site Concrete Services

We specialize in thermal grouts, concrete lifting for misaligned or sunken slabs, and epoxy and polyurethane crack injection, ensuring robust and reliable repair solutions. Additionally, our expertise encompasses shotcrete application for efficient slope stabilization in build areas.

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Pipe Abandonments

Abandoned underground pipes can cause water and pest issues and collapse, especially under roadways, leading to extensive repairs, prolonged road closures, and significant traffic disruptions.


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Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting fills voids around pipes, culverts, and structures, stabilizes ground, and is versatile for various sizes and types.


Commercial Epoxy Crack Injection Construction Sites

Epoxy/Polyurethane Crack Injection

Polyurethane injection sealers offer excellent flexibility and robustness for concrete repair, expanding to seal cracks effectively. Epoxy resins, when injected into cracks, form a solid bond, restoring and often enhancing the concrete’s original strength.


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Applied at high-velocity bonds to irregular surfaces, offer design flexibility, saves time, and reduces costs compared to conventional concrete.


Quality Of Material

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Osco Mudjacking & Construction offers a wide range of concrete services and treatments for construction sites throughout Alberta. Known as a trusted expert in concrete repair in Edmonton and surrounding areas, we can handle any size project with durable and attractive results.