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Commercial Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing and Caulking for Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

Joint sealing and caulking play an important role in any concrete installation because they minimize the possibility of water infiltration, which can contribute to subgrade or subbase softening, erosion and other problems that can result in a loss of structural support and cause pavement settling or faulting. Today, nearly every concrete installation includes joint sealing as a part of the process.

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Edmonton’s Trusted Choice for Comprehensive Concrete Joint Sealing!

Joint sealing and caulking are vital for concrete installations to prevent water infiltration that can damage structural support and lead to pavement issues. Osco Mudjacking & Construction Ltd. in Edmonton provides top-notch joint sealing services for homes and businesses. Our skilled team manages all sizes of jobs using various sealing materials, ensuring every crack and gap is effectively sealed.

Today, nearly every concrete installation includes joint sealing as a part of the process. Contact us today for a free complimentary estimate.


Benefits of Joint Sealing

Joint sealing in construction is crucial for protecting a building’s structure from surface tension and air pressure changes. Improper sealing can lead to drafts, water ingress, and structural issues. Hiring a joint sealing specialist like Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd ensures protection against water leaks, weather damage, and infestations, preventing structural problems. Proper sealing also maintains indoor temperatures, resulting in lower energy costs.


Protect your building from water leaks and environmental damage.


Avoid the formation of cracks and gaps that can escalate to major structural issues.


Guard against insects, bugs, and other pests.


Retain warmth during winter and prevent cold air escape in the summer, optimizing energy efficiency and reducing costs.

Longest Concrete Repair


Western Canada’s Longest Serving Concrete Repair & Pressure Grouting Experts

Osco serves diverse markets, from industrial to residential, offering a wide range of services like mudjacking, shotcrete, and pipe rehabilitation, to name a few. Tailoring solutions to fit various infrastructures, including warehouses, refineries, and private residences, we ensure customized and effective repair and replacement solutions for every client’s needs.

Our repair solutions are customized and available for infrastructures of all types, from warehouses, industrial plants, refineries, parkades, and offices, to condos and private residences.