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Commercial Pipe Abandonment

We offer specialized grout mixes for all types and sizes of pipe abandonments.

Abandoned or decommissioned underground pipes can incur problems such as water and pest infiltration and collapse from the ground above if they are in poor condition. This can be even more problematic if the pipe is under a roadway, resulting in repairs that can lead to road closures and traffic disruptions for long periods of time.

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Pipe Abandonment Grouting for Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

If you know or suspect that abandoned or decommissioned underground pipes are causing problems at your home or business, Osco can help. Contact us today to schedule an onsite consultation and free estimate.


Benefits of Mudjacking

Pressure grouting of abandoned pipes can help ensure the pipe’s structural integrity is maintained as best as possible while also reducing the risks associated with voids in or around the pipe. Water and pest infiltration issues are greatly reduced or eliminated while protecting and preserving the ground above, including roadways and vehicles, is greatly fortified. The collapse of pipes can lead to costly road closures, resulting in significant costs for stakeholders and disruptions to the public while repairs are undertaken, and the road is put back into service.