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Commercial Carbon Fiber Concrete Repair

Carbon Fiber Concrete Repair in Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta Area

Carbon fiber reinforcement, especially in the context of concrete repair, has emerged as a promising solution for enhancing structural integrity. It offers a modern alternative to traditional steel reinforcements or expensive, disruptive, full-scale replacements. Carbon fiber reinforcement uses wraps or laminates to strengthen weakened structures. These fibers are unidirectional, optimizing strength in one direction.

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Why Choose Carbon Fiber for Concrete Repair?

Carbon fiber offers a versatile solution for structural reinforcement due to its unique properties. Unlike steel, it’s flexible enough to adapt to various structural forms, especially irregular shapes. It boasts superior strength compared to steel on a pound-for-pound basis and exhibits high stiffness, preventing easy deformation under stress. Installation is straightforward and non-invasive, using epoxies to bond the sheets or wraps.

With resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, carbon fiber has a long shelf life and remains durable even in adverse conditions. Moreover, its lightweight minimizes additional structural loads, and its high toughness enhances impact resistance.


Benefits of Carbon Fiber Concrete Repair

Carbon fiber is pivotal in enhancing various structural aspects. It’s used for shear strengthening, boosting the shear capacity of structures like columns, beams, and walls that might face diagonal tension. By wrapping columns or beams, confinement strengthening with carbon fiber restricts lateral expansion and bolsters load-bearing abilities.

  • Flexibility
  • High Strength
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Anti-High Temperature
  • Environmental-Friendly
  • Easy to Install
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