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Commercial Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting for Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

Pressure grouting is used to fill the voids left in and around abandoned pipes and culverts, to fill the annular space around liners (pipe within pipe) and between a pipe and its host soil. Pressure grouting can also fill voids in, under and around structures of almost any type.

Commercial Pressure Grouting Pipes

What is Commercial Pressure Grouting?

Osco’s team uses a fleet of specialized equipment to pump a range of different grout mixes and Lightweight Cellular Concrete to fill voids. The pipe or structure is dammed at all openings to contain all void spaces. Grout Injection Port Tubing is strategically installed to allow optimal grout installation into the voids. Air Vent Tubing is also installed simultaneously, allowing both displaced fluids and air to escape as grout is installed.

The grout is installed under controlled pressure as required for each project, and as it travels throughout the void pipe, it displaces water and other fluids and trapped air. Once all fluids and air have been expelled out of the vent tubes or open escape area, grout will be expelled, ensuring the voids are filled and the operation is complete.


Different Types of Pressure Grouting Services

Pressure grouting helps to prevent pipe and structure failures, including to help to reduce the risk of collapse on essential infrastructure above them, such as roadways, railways, and bridge approaches. Pressure grouting offers a cost-effective, trenchless solution for pipe and structure repairs.

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Bridge Approach

Pressure Grouting is an excellent solution for bridge approaches requiring void-filling / substrate stabilization.


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Thermal Grouting

Osco’s Thermal Grouting designs are the perfect materials for pipe and conduit settings Underground. Some conduits require heat, resistivity, or other critical factors to be controlled to within precise tolerances in the pipes they are carried.


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Lightweight Cellular Concrete

Osco’s Lightweight Cellular Concrete is an ideal product for Pressure Grouting as it is significantly lighter and more flowable than conventional concrete and more traditional sanded Cementious Grouts. In addition to its weight benefit, Cellular Concrete mixes can be used for long distance travel. Cellular Concrete is also offering self-levelling for voids requiring this characteristic.


Pipe Abandonment Feature Image

Pipe Abandonment

Abandoned underground pipelines pose safety and environmental risks, such as ground collapse. We offer specialized grout mixes for pipe abandonments in Alberta, to help displace fluids and fill voids.


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Liner Grouting

Osco has the knowledge and experience to produce flowable grouts to meet your project’s requirements including strength, distance, and conductivity/resistivity.