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Basement Crack Repairs in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

Have you been noticing cracks and moisture in your basement? Take proper action before it damages valuables like furniture, keepsakes and carpets. Contact our team today and get your foundation cracks repaired by our sealing experts.

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Protect Your Home’s Value by Addressing Basement Cracks

Cracks and moisture in basements often indicate underlying foundation issues, which can jeopardize the structural integrity of a home and damage valuable belongings. The complexity of foundation repairs arises from various crack types and their causes—primarily soil movement and building settling.

Soil instability, resulting from factors like changing moisture levels or expansive clay, can exert pressure on foundations, leading to cracks. Similarly, uneven settling of buildings over time can create fissures. Addressing these concerns promptly with expert intervention safeguards the home’s structure and protects its overall value.


Foundation Cracks are Caused Due to 2 Main Reasons

Fixing a foundation is a challenging job. There are various forms of cracks and foundations. In each case, our contractor needs to analyze and repair the cracks. Foundation cracks are caused due to 2 main reasons.

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This is a common contributor to cracks. When the ground close to the foundation is shifted, cracks appear on the walls.

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In this case, cracks start appearing due to compression when the foundation is placed onto the ground.

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