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Commercial Services

Commercial Mudjacking & Shotcreting Specialists Protecting Edmonton’s Structures

Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting offers businesses cost-effective and time-efficient structural solutions for damaged or leaking pipelines and collapsing voids. We can scale our solutions to any size project, giving you dependable and durable results.

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Commercial Concrete Solutions For Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting delivers top-tier structural solutions to Edmonton businesses. Our expertise ranges from state-of-the-art carbon fibre reinforcements and meticulous joint sealing to advanced pressure grouting and shotcrete applications. We ensure durable and dependable results, catering to Northern and Central Alberta’s broad spectrum of requirements.

We can scale our solutions to any size project, giving you dependable and durable results.


Commercial Concrete Services

From Commercial concrete lifting to repairs, our state-of-the-art techniques for pressure grouting have helped Edmonton area businesses protect existing structures and the surrounding ecosystems.

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Commercial Concrete Lifting

Our Mudjacking and Polyjacking options can assist to correct uneven concrete and also help reduce safety issues that go along with it. Both systems will also help to fill voids under concrete to prevent collapse of the concrete above resulting in further more concerning issues. Finally, concrete lifting can help with the property’s esthetics and enhance property value.


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Commercial Concrete Repair

Osco’s comprehensive concrete repair services include joint sealing of warehouses, crack repair with both Polyurethane and Epoxy injection and Carbon Fiber reinforcing for added peace of mind. We also offer removal and replacement of curbing, sidewalks and other areas around your site in Edmonton/Northern & Central Alberta.


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Commercial Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting and our standard and custom grouts can be used to fill voids in, under and around virtually any structure. This includes but is not limited to – abandoned pipes, liners, and utilities, open trenches, trench backfill, utility backfill, voids under slabs as a result of washouts, and much more. We also offer Lightweight Cellular Concrete for long distance and weight sensitive void filling requirements.


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Commercial Shotcrete

Shotcrete material is applied at high-velocity via compressor and high-pressure hose. As a result, the shotcrete is extremely tenacious and can bond to almost any surface including those that are irregular, rough, and even bare earth. Shotcrete offers design flexibility, saves forming time, and can reduce costs compared to conventional concrete placement.


Longest Concrete Repair


Western Canada’s Longest Serving Concrete Repair & Pressure Grouting Experts

Osco serves diverse markets, from industrial to residential, offering a wide range of services like mudjacking, shotcrete, and pipe rehabilitation, to name a few. Tailoring solutions to fit various infrastructures, including warehouses, refineries, and private residences, we ensure customized and effective repair and replacement solutions for every client’s needs.

Our repair solutions are customized and available for infrastructures of all types, from warehouses, industrial plants, refineries, parkades, and offices to condos and private residences.