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Commercial Concrete Lifting

Concrete Lifting Services For Edmonton / Northern & Central Alberta

Concrete will sometimes move and shift as the ground underneath settles over time. This can result in drainage problems, safety hazards, an unsightly appearance, and other problems. Osco offers slab raising services in the greater Edmonton region to remedy sunken and uneven concrete and fill hidden voids by lifting the concrete back to the proper position.

Slab Raising Services


Slab Raising Services to Remedy Sunken, Uneven Concrete and Fill Voids

Concrete lifting, also known as Slab raising, offers a cost-effective solution, potentially costing only a third to half of concrete replacement. This efficient method can be completed in mere hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine. Additionally, it protects your landscaping, leaving sod undisturbed, and negates the need to remove or match existing concrete. The repaired area is immediately serviceable, even for vehicles, safeguarding against future costly and unsightly problems.

Furthermore, this process can enhance your property’s resale value and significantly boost its curb appeal.


Two Systems for Raising Concrete Slabs & Filing Voids

Mudjacking and Polyjacking. Osco is the ONLY company to offer both systems, so we can recommend the best solution for your particular situation. “Mudjacking” uses a cement-based grout (mud). Both methods are designed to accomplish the same results: provide a safe, even concrete surface that looks good and functions as it should.

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Polyurethane Foam Lifting

Polyurethane foam is the other option for lifting sunken concrete and filling voids. This system is ideal for use in situations such as inside finished buildings or confined areas. 5/8” holes are drilled into the concrete slab, through which polyurethane resin is injected under pressure. This resin expands beneath the slab, filling voids and lifting it.


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Commercial Mudjacking

Mudjacking with cementitious grout is a proven method of raising sunken concrete and filling voids. Our expertise has included all types of projects, from the routine to the one-of-a-kind. We can fill voids and elevate various slabs, ranging from commercial/residential driveways and sidewalks to warehouse floors, bridge approaches, tanks, silos, and oil rigs.