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Mudjacking Waterproofing in Edmonton Alberta

Why you should not ignore a wet basement – your waterproofing expert in Edmonton explains.

Like countless other Canadians, keeping your property in good condition and its occupants healthy are probably top priorities for you. To meet these objectives, property owners must pay attention to the changing conditions of their buildings. Certain issues may not seem like problems initially, but they can indicate present or future problems.

A wet basement can certainly seem like a minor annoyance, but it is actually a sign that you should not ignore. The pros at Osco Mudjacking & Construction Ltd. can repair damage caused by moisture and flooding. However, we caution you to heed the warning signs when you can. Ideally, your home or business will never require repairs for issues that might have been prevented.

Signs that your basement is wet

The first step you can take is to recognize the indications that your basement may contain excessive moisture. Look for these signs:

  • rotting wood
  • loose tiles
  • buckling floors
  • rusted screws and nails
  • rusting metal where appliances meet the floor
  • scaling surfaces (deposits that look salty)

Reasons to have a professional inspect your basement

If you have noticed the signs of a wet basement in your building, you should take action sooner rather than later. Consider some of the potential effects that moisture in the basement can cause for your home or business:

  • Mold and Mildew – When mold and mildew begin to grow, the people who occupy a building are at risk. You may experience the symptoms of allergies and asthma. In some cases, infant fatalities might even be linked to the presence of toxic mold.
  • Damaged Items – If you store personal belongings in your basement, moisture could destroy them. Prized books, important documents, and precious keepsakes could all be ruined by water or excessive moisture. If your business is in a building with a wet basement, you could lose crucial information related to your company.
  • Foundational Damage – Another potential hazard of ignoring a wet basement is that your building’s foundation could sustain major damage. If your basement is wet, the ground beneath the building likely consists of wet soil. If this is left untreated and water makes its way through the concrete, the entire foundation of your building could become weakened and unstable.
  • Lower Property Value – When a home or commercial building has a wet basement, the value of the entire property could take a plunge. No one wants to buy a building that could be a breeding ground for mold. A potentially decaying foundation is also a major deterrent for prospective buyers.
  • Escalation – The longer you wait to deal with such an issue, the worse the resultant damage might be. If you have a professional evaluate and repair the problem as soon as possible, you could experience far fewer problems than if you wait until the visible damage becomes unsightly.

At Osco Mudjacking & Construction Ltd., we want to help you keep your property in top condition. While we are always happy to repair or replace your concrete, we also recommend waterproofing potential problem areas, such as the basement.

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