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Crack On Concrete

Tips to protect your concrete from weathering this winter in Edmonton.

Dropping temperatures, lack of moisture, sudden snowmelt, freezing, and a wide range of other extreme factors make winter weather in Edmonton difficult to predict. It also puts a lot of strain on your property, especially commercial concrete. Shrinking and expanding is inevitable with variable temperatures in our northern climate but, thankfully, there are some steps you can take to minimize their impact.

Avoid developing concrete cracks and expensive concrete repairs when you take some preventative measures to defend your concrete against the worst of the season. Work with a professional concrete company in Edmonton for the best weatherproofing services and trusted results. Osco Mudjacking and Construction Ltd provides a range of protective coatings for your surfaces that can limit the damage and deterioration caused by a frigid winter.


Use the tips below and work with our experienced technicians if you notice concrete cracks or other damage once the temperatures rise:

  • Choose Wisely – At the start of building construction, be sure to mention durability and inquire with concrete companies about the mix design, slump at the time of pour, subbase, and curing times. The team you choose to pour your concrete can make a big difference in the quality and longevity of the work, so do your research and go with a reputable concrete company. Focusing on durability upfront can save you a lot in concrete repairs later on.
  • Maintain Your Property – Concrete is very porous, despite its hard and dense appearance and texture. When water is able to penetrate the surface and freeze, it can lead to cracks that will quickly grow with the varied weather patterns of the winter season. Shovel as soon as possible to limit the amount of snow and ice that gets into cracks, and keep your concrete in great condition for a longer period of time. In addition to shoveling, addressing stains and other minor issues will also extend the life of your concrete throughout the year.
  • Use Sealants Carefully – Consult with concrete repair professionals before taking a DIY approach to sealants. Not all materials will provide benefits, and some can cause moisture retention or other problems. Get a thorough inspection from a local concrete company and work with them to complete the coating. They will be able to apply it correctly for the best results and also ensure the right variety is used for your particular property concerns, vulnerabilities, and concrete mix.
  • Drainage – Most methods for preventative care focus on moisture and keeping water away from your concrete as much as possible. If you face recurring concrete crack repairs, consider investigating nearby water sources and drainage issues. Correcting the drainage on your property could involve leveling concrete, redirecting downspouts, or adjusting the slope. Whatever method is suitable, getting it corrected sooner rather than later can save you a lot of time and recurring expenses spent on concrete crack progression and repairs.


The experienced technicians at Osco Mudjacking & Construction Ltd offer prevention services and concrete repairs for businesses and residences across Edmonton. Get prepared for the wet and cold winter or address damages that have developed from concrete cracks with our range of dedicated services.

Contact us online today or call 780-469-1234 for preventative care and concrete crack repairs. You can also request an estimate online for trusted commercial concrete services.