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The 5 biggest advantages of commercial and residential shotcreting.

Shotcreting is a concrete installation technique that uses high-pressure and high-velocity to create a stronger and denser application of concrete with a lower ratio of water-to-cement than traditional methods. It’s used by commercial and residential concrete companies and shotcreting contractors all over Edmonton. You can learn more about the five biggest advantages of shotcreting by reading below.

#1 High strength in less time

One of the main benefits of using commercial shotcreting is that the concrete is much denser and reaches full strength quicker. When it comes to new constructions, shotcreting is 30-50% faster than traditional methods. Not only do new constructions take less time when using shotcreting but concrete companies in Edmonton agree that repairing existing structures is much faster as well.

#2 Can be used on irregular surfaces

Another key benefit often cited by shotcreting contractors is that it can bond to uneven and irregular surfaces like dirt, rock and rough concrete. This makes it ideal for areas where traditional concrete application methods would be difficult or impossible for even the most experienced commercial concrete companies.

#3 It’s highly durable

Because of its density, structural shotcrete has a relatively low degree of shrinkage. Shotcrete is also very often reinforced with steel or polypropylene fibres and silica for enhanced strength and durability. The combination of high strength, low permeability and resistance to water absorption and weathering makes shotcreting superior to traditional construction methods.

#4 It reduces costs

Using shotcrete can reduce your formwork material costs by a savings of between 50 and 100 percent. The speed of professional installation also means that shotcreting can greatly reduce your labour costs. Cranes, pumps and forms required with traditional methods can be all but eliminated by shotcreting companies like Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting.

#5 It’s environmentally sustainable

Shotcrete offers all the sustainability benefits that you might associate with regular concrete and then some. Due to the reduction of labour, framing and material costs, using shotcreting as a method of concrete installation reduces the overall environmental impact of construction.


Commercial and residential shotcreting is gaining popularity with concrete companies in Edmonton for its reduction of labour and material costs and high versatility and durability. It’s used in structural restoration projects, slope stabilization when constructing tunnels, underground stations sewers and more, as well as in the construction of dams and bridges.

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