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Broken Concrete

Possible causes of concrete corrosion in Edmonton.

Concrete is considered one of the most durable construction materials, which is why it is used in commercial and residential applications alike. However, concrete is only as strong as the initial design, construction, and materials used to make the surface.

Deterioration can occur for numerous reasons, but identifying why your concrete is eroding is critical to saving it. Naturally, at the first sign of damage, your first call should be to established companies offering commercial concrete repair in Edmonton for an inspection. A professional can identify the cause and solution for your surface deterioration, and implement a timely solution to save the concrete before it requires replacement.


To execute a successful repair of your concrete’s surface, you must first identify the cause of its deterioration. Corrosion typically falls into two categories: placement issues or service conditions.
What are Placement Issues?

Placement issues happen when the surface is not prepared or placed correctly. Sometimes, a contractor may mix the wrong water-to-cement ratio, which makes the surface easier to work with, but also affects curing.

Typical placement issues seen in concrete include:

  • Bug Holes: These are small holes in the surface of the concrete made by entrapped air. It leaves your concrete surface porous and subject to water damage.
  • Rock Pockets: Consolidation of large aggregates and mortar during placement leaves rock pockets that reduce the surface strength and allow water intrusion and corrosion.
  • Honeycombing: Your concrete looks like a honeycomb, which reduces its strength and corrodes the reinforced steel beneath the surface. It happens when there is an improper mix or lack of vibration during placement.
  • Cold Joints: When the concrete hardens before the subsequent lifts are placed, you see visible lines and bonds in between each layer. This allows water to enter the joints and corrodes steel underneath.

What are Service Issues?

Service condition issues are those caused by the elements, wear and tear, and more. Common service corrosion issues you may see include:

  • Corroding Metals: The reinforced steel leaks start to crack and spall from oxygen-water exposure, corrosive chemicals in the environment, and chloride intrusion. This reduces the structural integrity of your concrete.
  • Freeze and Thaw Cycles: Edmonton is prone to freeze-thaw cycles, and when the concrete becomes saturated with water and endures temperature cycles above and below 0 degrees Celsius, it creates scaling and deterioration.
  • Chemical Attacks: De-icing salts and naturally occurring sulfates in the soil will create a loss of concrete and eventually erode the supporting steel.
  • Alkali Reaction: Cement has natural alkali and a high-silica content. When there is a response, it forms a gel which prevents the cement and aggregate from bonding. This results in tension cracks around your concrete, which then allows water intrusion to follow.


Whether you see large cracks, holes, or you notice that your concrete surface is starting to degrade, speaking with a professional is critical.

OSCO Mudjacking & Construction Ltd. offers commercial concrete repair in Edmonton for residences and commercial properties. We can help with replacing old concrete or restoring the concrete surface you already have. Most importantly, we conduct a thorough investigation to find out why your concrete is degrading, so that we can deploy a repair plan that is effective and long lasting.

Contact us through our website or call 780-469-1234 today for your initial inspection. You can also request an estimate for commercial crack repairs in Edmonton online.