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Is your storefront a tripping hazard? Timely concrete repair in Edmonton will limit your liability.

Concrete is known for being a highly durable and cost-efficient material, which is one reason that so many businesses use it for the outside of their premises. While this versatile material does not need much maintenance, it does require periodic attention to remain in good condition. Fixing concrete in time to prevent a tripping hazard is an essential property maintenance task you should not neglect.

Hire professionals who can perform necessary concrete repair in Edmonton. Normal wear and tear can lead to cracks and crumbling; and when that happens, your storefront becomes a tripping hazard. Instead of leaving your customers vulnerable to falling and your business susceptible to lawsuits, take action now by hiring one of the best concrete companies in Edmonton. Fixing a concrete tripping hazard is far less expensive than dealing with litigation or insurance companies. You may also sleep better, secure in the fact that no one will sustain injuries that could have been prevented outside of your business.


Here are a few risks and liabilities you may invite when storefront concrete repair and maintenance are not routinely implemented:

  • Cracks Can Lead to Bigger Problems: A crack in the concrete outside your business premises may seem relatively harmless. If it isn’t large enough to be a falling hazard, you might be tempted to ignore it. Unfortunately, water and debris can penetrate the crack and make their way underneath the slab. This could result in growing cracks, crumbling, and even a sinking surface. Once such issues begin to manifest, tripping can become a very real concern.
  • Serious Injuries: A deteriorating concrete surface can be the cause of many injuries. People who use canes, walkers, or scooters might have accidents in front of your business. Customers wearing high heels could sustain serious injuries. Baby strollers might be upended on the way in or out of your store.
  • Loss of Business: Unrepaired concrete does more than create a risk to your customers; it may also cause you to lose business. When customers have a difficult time navigating their way into your store, they might soon choose to give their business to your competitors.


Your customers may only make a cursory audit of your storefront before entering; they are likely to be more concerned with purchasing your products or services. Therefore, it is your responsibility to examine the concrete outside your business. If you see cracks or other evidence of wear and tear, you should hire experienced professionals to perform the needed repairs. When your storefront requires commercial concrete repair, Edmonton customers and even your employees and suppliers should not suffer from preventable injuries. OSCO Mudjacking & Construction, Ltd is the company to call for all of your concrete repair and maintenance needs. We will ensure that your commercial concrete is kept in great condition, so that visitors to your store can stay safe and continue giving you their business.

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