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Foundation repair myths debunked.

Concrete is one of the most durable surfaces you might use, but sometimes, it needs to be repaired. If you leave unrepaired concrete for very long, you put the safety of anyone who uses your property at risk. Never take chances if your foundation is in need of professional attention. You should always get this kind of issue fixed as soon as possible, and it is wise to only trust a reputable company for the job.

Myths About Foundation Repair: What You Should Know

Before you take the advice of someone who is not an experienced industry professional, you should be aware that many myths about foundation repair exist. These are some of the most common misconceptions that many of us believe to be true:

  • The Problem Began with the Construction: Foundational issues certainly can begin with the construction of a building, but this is not always the case. Most problems with the foundation occur because of changing soil conditions beneath the surface.
  • A Solid Foundation Should Never Require Repairs: Because the soil below the foundation can change and shift, problems may arise with even the most solid of slabs. Do not assume that just because the construction of your building is well done, the foundation will always be in perfect condition.
  • No One Will Buy Your Property if it Needs Work: If you have had your foundation repaired, that does not mean you will not be able to sell it. In fact, getting repairs done now means that future property owners will not need to do this. Most prospective buyers will be able to recognize this as a selling point.
  • Filling the Cracks Is Sufficient: Cracks indicate that something is wrong with the foundation. Simply filling them may not be enough to correct a major issue. While filling the cracks might be part of a repair job, the scope of the problem could require more repair work than that.
  • Anyone Can Do the Job: Many property owners believe that they can do their own repair work for foundational issues. This can end up being a grave and expensive mistake. Making such repairs correctly requires a skilled hand. Only a reliable, experienced contractor should be entrusted with this kind of job.

Foundation Repair in the Edmonton Area

If you have noticed that your foundation is cracked or otherwise damaged, consult a professional at Osco Mudjacking & Construction Ltd. We are qualified to perform the concrete repair you require for your Edmonton property. Whether you need repairs done at your home or a commercial property, we will bring years of expertise and professionalism to the job.

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