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When soil below concrete surfaces loses stability, it leads to sinking, cracking, and unstable surfaces. However, the concrete does not have to be removed to repair it. With a pressure grouting procedure, the soil is stabilized, voids are filled, and the concrete is lifted back up once again.

The methodology of using grout curtains eliminates problematic water flow in the soil too. Grout curtains installed via pressure grouting offer balance, stability, and still meet the stringent specifications of today’s building codes. It is important to note that pressure grouting nowadays is a highly technical process, and utilizes computerized monitoring to ensure the right amount of grout is injected to stabilize the concrete.

Home and business owners alike might benefit from commercial crack repairs in Edmonton using the pressure grouting technique. However, to determine if the pressure grouting method is right for your surface, you must first understand its purpose and benefits.


The purpose of pressure grouting (also called slab jacking) is to stabilize and strengthen the soil. It controls the amount of grout headed through the pipe into the soil and repeats until the level of compaction is acquired.Here is how commercial concrete companies in Edmonton perform pressure grouting:

  • Pumping at Lowest Elevation: Starting at the lowest elevation possible, the contractor uses pipes that are placed under the concrete surface. These tubes deliver the grout and slowly withdraw as the area receives grout and can set.
  • Moving Up: The process is repeated level after level, slowly moving the pipes up in elevation. Each level of pumping pushes the soil forward and compacts it for stability.

Pressure grouting is typically required in situations where the property or home’s structure needs re-levelling. Also, if the footing soils are at inadequate densities, the pressure grouting brings them up to the proper density levels. With proper application, pressure grouting prevents further settling of soil under the structure too.


Pressure grouting offers a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Precise, targeted treatments for unstable soil
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications, ground conditions, slab conditions, and soil elements
  • Cost-effective compared to replacing foundations and does not need excavation
  • Compatible with existing home and business foundations
  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe on existing surfaces
  • Limited noise and vibration to prevent further settling

When you need concrete repairs, or you have a foundation that is starting to destabilize, pressure grouting by trusted concrete companies in Edmonton like Osco Mudjacking & Construction, Ltd. is the most efficient way to perform a repair.Osco Mudjacking & Construction, Ltd. offers a vast array of innovative concrete repair and grouting techniques. Our solutions can be used in standalone form, or in conjunction with other concrete repair services. Talk to our friendly, knowledgeable team—we can help you assess what is required for your project.

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