Spin Casting Services in Edmonton: An Effective Solution for Your Commercial Property

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Our repairs use Trenchless Technology to avoid disturbing traffic, roadways, or other structures that may be in the way.


A system of concrete pipes is generally used in one of two ways. People and organizations use this system to direct either storm water or wastewater from streets and populated areas. Either way, this concrete pipe system creates a clean, sanitary, and safe environment. Unfortunately, you cannot reach this goal if the concrete pipes have cracks, holes or other signs of damage.


Fortunately, the Centri-Pipe system allows technicians to protect pipes against corrosion. Moreover, this system can also renew an old and damaged pipe network. Here at OSCO Mudjacking & Shotcreting, we specialize in this type of concrete pipe repair in Edmonton and all across Alberta.


Also known as centrifugally cast concrete pipes, a Centri-pipe system can resolve most problems existing within pipes between 76 cm to 300 cm wide. Call today, and we’ll have a technician on site in no time at all. 

Our technician will begin by inspecting your system and taking note of required repairs. Then he or she will consider depth, size, and water load to determine the casting's thickness.


Once all of the repairs have finished, we will cast the pipes' interior. The final product will consist of seamless, structural, and high strength pipes.


Find a Cost-Effective Solution to Concrete Pipe Repair in Edmonton


If you need a cost-effective solution that won’t require digging for structural lining, give us a call. Our technicians will happily explain the process and answer your questions. Our company is 100% Alberta owned and operated, and our staff members have decades of experience to offer. You can reach us at (780) 469-1234.


We understand that the process of creating centrifugally cast concrete pipes may sound complicated. For your convenience, we have supplied the demonstrative video posted below:

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