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Shotcreting has many different applications and benefits. Put simply, shotcreting is applying concrete at high velocity by of high-pressure hose and nozzle. It is stronger and denser than conventional concrete.

The advantages of using Shotcreting includes forming not usually being required and that the concrete reaches a high strength in a short period of time. Shotcreting will also bond to irregular surfaces such as rough concrete, dirt and rock.


Shotcreting shoring with soil nails or rock anchors help reduce excavation costs by material being more vertical with little or no slope.

Structural Shotcrete has low shrinkage and is reinforced with steel or polypropylene fibers and silica fume to improve its strength and durability.


The many benefits of using Shotcrete include:


  • Full access and visibility of reinforcing and concrete placement
  • 30-50% faster when used in new construction
  • Eliminate need for cranes
  • Formwork material savings of up to 50-100%

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