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Our concrete leveling specialties can repair damage caused by sunken uneven concrete. Sunken uneven concrete can be unattractive and potentially dangerous because the safety hazards on your property can lead to a trip and fall. It also can cause damage by creating drainage problems.

Removing and replacing sunken or uneven concrete can be very expensive and can damage existing landscaping.

Mudjacking is a process where a grout mixture is pumped hydraulically underneath an uneven concrete slab in order to raise it up so it is in alignment with other structures. A good example of this is a poured driveway or sidewalk that has dropped away due to soil erosion or settling.

Mudjacking Savings


  • Costs only 25 - 50 % of concrete replacement
  • Can be completed in one day.
  • Very little or no damage to your landscaping - sod will remain in place. No need to remove existing concrete.
  • You can use the repaired area in as little as 4 to 6 hours, even for vehicular traffic.
  • No need to worry about new concrete matching the old concrete.
  • Helps resale value to your property and adds curb appeal.
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