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TYPE 1 Consists of cement, water and pre-generated aqueous foam.  This material has a designated density of 25-70 lbs/ft3.
TYPE 2 Consists of cement, aggregate, water and pregenerated aqueous foam. The material has a designated density of 40 to 120 lbs/ft3, where conventional concrete is approximately 145 lbs/ft3.
FOAM Consists of a predesignated density of non-connecting macroscopic air cells. Predetermined amounts of foam are added to proven mix designs.


  • Light weight fill material
  • Stress relief of retaining
  • walls and abutements
  • Pipe-line fill and grout
  • Annular fill
  • Landscape and plaza fill
  • Fills over muskeg
  • Permafrost protection
  • Utility trench cover
  • Block filling
  • Insulating frost susceptible soils
  • High temperature pipe insulation
  • Shock absorption
  • Load reduction
  • Pipe bedding
  • Light weight structural highway base
  • Abandoned pipes and tunnels
  • Matt foundations
  • Slope protection


Fluidity onforms to irregular surfaces
No Compaction Time exceeds compressive strength of compacted earth fill material
Fast Settling Time minimizes down times and speeds construction schedules
Load Reduction eliminates continual settlement by predictable weight distribution
Reduces Lateral Loading stress relieves load of existing structures
Thermal Efficiency insulates sensitive soils
Fire Resistant resists extreme heat
Environmentally Friendly

not harmful to skin or nature

Onsite Batching provides for use in remote areas
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