Is Winter an Ideal Time to do Concrete Repairs? – Advice from Your Concrete Repair Company in Edmonton

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Sometimes, concrete must be repaired no matter what season it is. When your concrete needs other repairs though, you may wonder whether you should have them done as soon as possible, or whether you should wait until the weather is better. In some cases, scheduling concrete repairs in the winter may even work to your benefit.


When you use Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd. for your concrete repairs, you can be sure that you will be getting quality service. Regardless of the time of year you hire us for your project, we will get the job done efficiently and effectively.    

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Concrete Repair in the Winter: What to Consider

If you need to have some concrete repairs done this winter, here are some points worth considering:

  • Freezing Temperature – Concrete can reach freezing temperature before it has had a chance to become strong. This may significantly affect the finished product. If the freshly-poured concrete is allowed to freeze, it can crack. If that happens when doing repairs, it really defeats the purpose of repairing the concrete.
  • Frozen Surface – Since allowing the concrete to freeze is detrimental to the process, workers must ensure that fresh concrete is not being poured directly on a frozen surface. If the ground is frozen, heaters must be employed to create a warmer surface temperature.
  • Enclosure – One way to ensure a warmer temperature is to enclose the work space. By using a heated enclosure, workers can preserve the quality of the concrete. A warmer enclosure also creates an environment that is easier to work in, which further aids in producing a quality end product.
  • Hot Water – Another way to combat the cold when pouring concrete is to use hot water. By using this to mix the concrete, workers can help to create fresh concrete that won’t freeze easily.
  • Curing – Once the concrete has been poured to make repairs, curing blankets may be used to keep it from freezing. In addition to preventing the concrete from becoming frozen, the blankets will help to keep the concrete at a desired temperature.
  • Advantages – In some ways, winter concrete repairs can be advantageous. When the ground is semi-permanently frozen, it may actually be easier for workers to move some types of heavy equipment. Because wintertime is not typically the busy season, you may be able to get repairs done sooner and more efficiently than you might at any other time of year.


The team at Osco Mudjacking & Shotcreting Ltd. is ready to assist with all of your concrete repair projects. We have decades of experience, and we know what precautions to take to manage various circumstances. No matter what time of year you need our services, we will always provide a quality product and exceptional customer experience.


Osco Mudjacking is one of the leading concrete crack repair companies in the Edmonton area. You can reach us today at 780-469-1234, or feel free to request an estimate online.


If you have questions or concerns about concrete repair, you are also welcome to use our toll-free number at 1-866-661-OSCO (6726).

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