Pressure Grout Injection in Edmonton

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Chemical grouts can be pumped into leaking or cracked concrete. These materials expand and create a flexible gasket to cut off water. This method can be used on wet or dry cracks.


Concrete Correctors uses special chemical grouts to stop water leaks from cracks. They chase the water and absorb into the pores of the concrete forming a firm bond to the wet concrete. Our materials are most commonly used for water control. They form a strong bond that is controllable, flexible, chemically resistant, and capable of adhering to both wet and dry surfaces.

The difference is in our materials!

Change in temperatures cause concrete to expand and contract. In the summer temperatures are warmer which causes concrete to expand. In turn cracks tighten up. In the winter the cooler temperatures cause concrete to contract, pulling cracks apart. Our materials are ideal because they accommodate for this occurrence. They have the ability to expand which will keep the water out from season to season.


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